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In the other issue, after installing this update, some devices might be unable to open the Start menu. On affected devices, clicking or selecting the Start button or using the Windows key on your keyboard might have no effect. Have all released pages online that specify what devices are Windows 11 ready. Note that many won’t come with the new operating system installed, but as they all meet the minimum system requirements, you can simply buy the laptop or 2-in-1 as normal and then update it yourself.

  • This latest Windows also has a dedicated Xbox app to access specific titles if you have an Xbox Game Pass subscription.
  • You can always update to Windows 11 later if you don’t wish to upgrade now.
  • You can buy a Windows 10 software activation key at now and get a free upgrade to Windows 11.
  • So, while Windows 11 version 22H2 isn’t mandatory, it will probably be installed automatically in 2023, so you can keep getting security updates going forward.

It was only yesterday that we were saying that Microsoft just sneaked important software changes past you again and you didn’t even notice. Windows Server Standard is an edition of Windows Server 2019. The Standard edition is the regular, unlimited version of Windows Server. This is a distinction that delineates the Standard service from the Windows Server Essentials edition, which is limited to connections to 25 clients. Do you prefer to keep your servers in-house, or have you already migrated to the Cloud? Leave a message in the Comments section below and share your ideas and experiences with the community.


Reinstall your original Windows and then upgrade to Windows 10. If this manoeuvre works well, you will be able to activate your Windows 10 without much effort. Outdated or faulty drivers are another common cause of the Error 0x803F7001. No doubt, driver issues are not something to turn a blind eye to.

Error messages during the upgrade process are often due to add-on hardware. Microsoft recommends checking to ensure that all third-party device drivers are up to date. Admins should also check Device Manager to ensure there are no reported hardware errors. If the error download here message persists, Microsoft recommends unplugging any hardware devices that aren’t required for basic functionality. Microsoft also recommends that anyone experiencing errors runs Windows Update a few times to install any available updates. It is particularly important to install any available firmware updates, security updates and driver updates that Windows Update offers.

HP Commercial Service Statement for Windows 10 Semi-Annual-Channel Support

There are also familiar customizations such as setting a personal desktop background as either a static image or a slideshow, and you can tweak system color options – including dark mode. You can even make adjustments to the taskbar if you like, so your finalized Windows 11 doesn’t need to look anything like the out-of-box version of the OS. For a start, you’ll get a much better performing PC, and if you were encountering any issues with Windows 10, a clean install can help fix some of these.

I far prefer this experience to playing the game on a regular monitor as things are much bigger and more “in your face”. Brooklyn Studios, 1268 East 14th Street in Midwood, Brooklyn. Included two studios, used as the filming location of many 1950s color “Spectaculars” such as The Esther Williams Aqua Special, Peter Pan; it is also where The Perry Como Show , Mitch Miller Show , The Sammy Davis Jr. Show , Hullabaloo (1965–1966), Kraft Music Hall, Tic Tac Dough , The Cosby Show, and Another World were produced. It was the home of CBS’s soap opera As the World Turns until the series ceased production in 2010. The studio was equipped for color production when it opened in 1954.

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